"Clean is the New Rich"

Today’s concept of “rich” is unsettling. When we think of “rich food”, we might think of foie gras, the fatty liver of a force-fed duck; delicious but unethical. Like foie, the industrial-food complex is designed for hedonistic richness while covertly committing injustices to animals, workers, the earth and our own health. We need a new kind of rich.

We also have competing desire for a clean conscience. We know we should consume more plants and fewer animals. We know we should source responsibly. However, the idea of clean eating conjures up an image of cold bland tofu - healthy, sustainable but ultimately not pleasurable. With every bite, we are trapped between choosing rich and clean.

Enter Maison XO.

We envision a new kind of rich that bridges the gap between rich and clean. To us, rich is a wonderful aroma, a flavor that reminds us of home, a savory mouthfeel that inspires. Rich is saying “I love you” through the beautiful experiences with friends and family. Rich is uniting strangers … and conflicting aspirations. Rich is doing the right thing.

And when we combine XO with clean foods, something magical happens: we are no longer bound by our hedonism. Imagine - tofu as pleasurable as foie gras. We can indulge and feel light. With XO, we can begin a conversation about what we put in our bodies and how our food choices impact the earth; and finally drive change.

We no longer have to choose between clean and rich, we can have both; for it is only when we aspire for clean that our world will truly - become rich.

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